Summertime and the maintenance is easy

After the flaming June that many of us have enjoyed so far, whisper it quietly but it actually feels like Summer is pretty much here!  So now’s the time to start thinking about those all-important summer maintenance jobs for your building.

6 Summer Maintenance Jobs to Prioritise Now

We know, maintenance isn’t exactly the most exhilarating topic when you think of the further long, hot sunnier days that hopefully lie ahead. But there’s no need to get all hot and flustered; we’ve pulled together a list of 6 of the most important summer maintenance jobs that you really should be thinking about right now.

(Feel free to resume hitting ‘refresh’ on the MET Office homepage after reading this, we certainly will be…)

Maintenance of Heating Systems

Nobody wants to be left out in the cold when winter makes its unwelcome return, so the summer months provide an ideal opportunity to maintain and service your facility’s heating system whilst it’s not in use.

Grounds Maintenance

We all know that plants love the sunshine, but so do weeds! It’s important for your grounds to reflect your business, so we can help you to keep on top of summer growth and maintain an orderly, professional appearance all year round.

Pest Control

During the summer months, unwanted visitors can sometimes appear. Our highly-trained staff will deal with any pest problem swiftly and discreetly, always prioritising the health & safety of your employees and visitors.

Deep Cleaning

If your premises are sparsely-staffed or even empty during the summer – for example in the case of schools – it’s an ideal opportunity for deep cleaning, which can’t be carried out at other times of the year.

School’s Out? Cleaners In!

Roof / Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Okay, so it usually still rains during the summer, but hopefully not as much as the rest of the year! Now’s the time to make those essential repairs to roofs and to clear that guttering. Just in time for the inevitable autumn downpours…

Window Cleaning

Want to show off your premises in their best light? Better make sure those windows are sparkling inside and out.

At MAR, we provide a comprehensive facilities management service all year round, whatever the season and whatever the weather. Come rain or shine, we’re only a quick call or a rapid email away.

So that’s summer taken care of. No sweat.

Now, where did you put that favourite deck chair ….…………?

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