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Waste & Recycling

We’ve been providing a comprehensive range of Waste Management Services for many a long year and pride ourselves on our ability to devise a personalised, practical and achievable waste programme that works for you.

Through one point-of-contact, we’ll ensure that, as a minimum, you’re fully compliant with all current legislation and monitor performance against your own environmental and CSR goals.

In these uncertain times, never has it been more important for businesses to take a pro-active and conscientious stance in the management of their waste & recycling.

Waste & Recycling Management Services

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  • Waste Management Consultancy
  • General Waste
  • Recycling Programmes
  • IT & WEEE Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Confidential Waste Disposal
  • Food Waste

Waste Management Consultancy

In line with your company’s objectives and values we can help develop your Waste Management Policy. We’ll produce an implementation strategy, assist with internal awareness and promotional material, and supply all of the necessary waste collection containers – inside and out. We can also provide regular reports that detail your total waste and recycling volumes and which track progress against a range of specific, pre-agreed KPIs.

General Waste

Be it through the provision of one-off skips or a series of regular collections, we can arrange for the disposal of all of your general waste. Where possible, we will arrange for rubbish to be diverted from landfill to an Energy from Waste facility (EFW), where it will be dealt with in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Recycling Programmes

We have the expertise to help oversee your transition to sound recycling practices – irrespective of waste type – which will benefit your organisation, your local community, as well as the wider environment. There are a series of recommended programme options which we can pursue on your behalf, dependent upon your overall objectives and the confines of your premises.

IT & WEEE Waste Disposal

The disposal of redundant IT, electrical and electronic equipment is governed by the most recent WEEE legislation. Full compliance with these measures is important for all responsible organisations. We can manage this process on your behalf, including logging each piece of equipment being disposed of, alongside a Certificate of Destruction and a controlled inventory to confirm that any stored data has been safely removed.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste regulations aim to reduce the overall amounts produced and to ensure that it is disposed of in such a way as to minimise the risk to human health and the environment. Our tailored services in this area are designed to fit around your business, whether you are a small or large producer of hazardous waste. In summary, we will ensure that all hazardous waste streams are handled, disposed of or recycled in strict adherence to current legislation and best practice.

Confidential Waste Disposal

Secure shredding of confidential documentation is essential for every organisation. Knowing that documents have been securely and effectively destroyed is vital to safeguard your business and your reputation.

We can provide a one-off shredding service or regular collections to suit the volumes produced and your storage capabilities. Secure shredding can either be undertaken by mobile units visiting your premises to shred on the spot or can be transported to a secure destruction centre. All shredded material is recycled.

Food Waste

Recent years have seen more stringent regulations being introduced around the processes for detailing with food waste. We can provide all the information required to set-up an efficient recycling service to ensure that all food waste is recycled in the most environmental manner possible.

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