Spring Grounds Maintenance checklist

Professional services to renew grounds in the Spring

Poorly maintained grounds not only make a poor impression on visitors but can lower the morale of employees and taint the reputation of a business. Despite this potential for negative impact, professional grounds maintenance activities are frequently missed off priority lists, when it comes to compiling spring cleaning checklists.

Some businesses may choose to tend to their property using internal resources, however, grounds maintenance tasks are laborious and often require specialist knowledge in several disciplines to achieve effective and efficient results. Tree surgery, as an example, requires thorough health and safety precautions, detailed training, as well as a solid understanding of the correct methods to tend to trees and shrubs.

In most scenarios, contracting a grounds maintenance team is more cost-effective and yields better results.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 most essential grounds maintenance services to carry out in the Spring

Harmonising hardscape

In early spring, while the ground is still too soft to be worked on, initial efforts should be focused on renovating and revitalising hard structures, such as fencing and paving.  Starting with an inspection and general clean-up, any damage or structural insecurities should be addressed and mildew and grime removed from paving and walls. A coat of paint on faded wooden surfaces can make a significant difference to the look and feel of the property.

Pro Tip: This is a good opportunity to widen or change the layout of raised flower beds.

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Making parking a pleasure

Potholes, cracks and uneven surfaces, while they may only be minor inconveniences, rarely go unnoticed by the visitors and staff navigating around them. Surfaces should be repaired and levelled when the weather permits.

Pro Tip: For a really impressive finish, consider repainting the lines of parking spaces. 

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Getting to grips with the guttering

Clearing gutters and drains is a relatively inexpensive activity that should be completed several times throughout the year. Leaves and debris build up over the winter months leading to a range of expensive issues, from water damage to cracked pipes and flooding. 

Pro Tip: Leaf guards and gutter hedgehogs can help prevent blockages

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Looking after the lawn

A well-maintained lawn makes a noticeable difference to the aesthetic and atmosphere of a site, but creating great grass requires care and attention. As the weather begins to warm up and the ground becomes firmer, grass should be mown and dry patches, weeds and discolouration should be treated. The frequent rain showers and morning dew should mean that your grass requires minimal watering in the spring months.

Pro Tip: If areas of the lawn feel soft or mushy underfoot, it’s too early to start spring maintenance.

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Plant preparation

Spring is the ideal time to start developing a garden for the year ahead. Most trees and shrubs can be pruned to ensure healthy growth and an attractive shape, plants that have outgrown their containers can be re-potted and topsoil can be applied to flower beds. Support structures, such as trellises should be repositioned where required. Although it may be too early for most annual flowers to be planted, facilities with more extensive gardens may wish to add some cool-weather loving varieties, such as pansies.  

Pro tip: Developing a beautiful garden starts with understanding the soil. It is recommended that the organic composition of flower beds is tested every 3-5 years for best-growing results. 

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MAR FM provide professional, reliable Grounds Maintenance services, keeping businesses across London and the South, looking their best. 

Contact us to find out more.

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