5 things to consider when choosing a new facilities service provider

Choosing a new Facilities Service Provider is a bit like choosing your future husband or wife… Get it right and years of contentment await; get it wrong and you’ll be forever thinking, ‘what might have been?’

And that’s long before you even get to consider the costs associated with any potential expensive break-up.

So take a moment to consider five areas that we think are worthy of a little bit of advanced thinking:

1. Transition Process

Most businesses will be wary of changing provider because the process of change itself can be overwhelming and assumes a certain level of financial risk. At MAR, we understand the importance of a smooth changeover and have developed an in-depth ‘mobilisation programme’ that ensures a seamless and well-planned transition process, tailored to the specific requirements of each client.

 2. Employee Training, Development and Retention

The training and development of service employees is a high priority for all customers.  For service employees to carry out their roles effectively and provide customers with the best service experience when visiting your facilities, it is essential that all employees possess a clear understanding of your business. At MAR, staff training is paramount to our ethos of being the very best that we can be.  Our training programmes are continuous, and tailored to not only deliver the highest standards but to exceed industry benchmarks, including those all important areas of health and safety and any new workplace legislation.

 3. Commitment to Quality

In considering any new Facilities Service Provider, it is important to consider the standards to which the provider holds themselves accountable. The industry, like many others, is regulated by ISO Standards issued by the British Assessment Bureau. MAR recently updated their accreditations to incorporate the latest versions of ISO 9001(2015) and ISO1401 (2015), to reflect their ongoing commitment to staying abreast of the very highest industry standards. The accreditations demonstrate the company’s strong management processes, environmental practices and dedication to sustainable services. Furthermore, MAR prioritises the health and safety of all employees and uses Key Performance Indicators to measure ongoing performance for all contracts.

4. Client Relationships

Before signing on the dotted line with a new provider, it is essential to look at the relationship they have with their existing clients. MAR focus on long-term client satisfaction; 80% of clients have worked with the company for 5 years or more, whilst many clients have been with the company for over ten years. MAR regularly solicit feedback from its customers, with 93% awarding 5 out of 5 for Response and Communication. Furthermore, 90% of clients rate the overall service they receive as “excellent”.

5. The Facility Service Provider Serves Your Purpose

Put simply: not all clients have the same requirements. What works on one contract may not necessarily work for your business. Therefore it is important that any new provider you consider working with recognise the individual needs of your business and your work processes; the way you manage employees and business relationships and importantly, your vision for the future of your company. MAR offer all of its clients a flexible, tailor-made approach to meeting those needs. Our mission is to provide an exceptional support service with expertise and versatility, leaving our clients secure in the knowledge that the management of their support services is safe in our hands.

So if you’d like an informal chat about what MAR might be able to do for you in the future, we’d love to hear from you.

Who knows, it may just be a marriage made in heaven……

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