Credit where accreditation is due

MAR FM – ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 re-accreditation

Every year MAR FM undergo a thorough ISO surveillance audit, to re-establish our ISO accreditations. Meeting these exacting standards is no small feat, demanding a step back from daily activities, time scheduled into calendars, and dedicated resources committed to providing the detailed information required.

So, why do MAR, and so many other businesses, routinely subject themselves to such an intense evaluation? 

The corporate world evolves quickly, dragging industries and organisations along with it. Meanwhile, digital platforms facilitate rapid growth potential and uncapped advertising reach. While this is advantageous for business owners, with opportunity comes accountability. It’s not uncommon, during the frantic expansion of a company, for processes to be forgotten and practices to slip. Sub-par standards, when continued over extended periods, can compromise performance and the potential for swift retribution, through online customer feedback, make it in the best interest of businesses to invest in continuous improvement exercises.  

Understanding and implementing better procedures requires careful consideration and the ability to self-evaluate with candid transparency. ISO certifications remove the guesswork, providing neutral and effective bench-marking for a wide range of activities and functions.

By extension, when approaching companies and potential clients, the inclusion of such accolades serve as reassurance and testament to an organisation’s convictions. In essence, it is a measurable step towards better working environments, cultures, procedures and, ultimately, results. 


ISO 9001

One of the better-known accreditations available, ISO 9001 addresses various aspects of quality management and supports companies in improving the products they supply, services they provide and, subsequently, the experience they offer to their customers. 

The quality management criteria and principles, that must be met to achieve this distinction, create a strong customer focus, improve retention and acquisition, enhance internal management teams and ingrain consistency in productivity levels.

ISO 14001

Environmental responsibility is a topic that has made its way onto every company’s priority list, and rightly so. When creating a sustainability plan, it is fundamental that set targets and activities are strategic, achievable and measurable, to avoid merely paying lip service to the concept.

This is where ISO 14001 comes in. By providing the tools to create an environmental management system, this accreditation allows organisations to map out a framework that effectively monitors progress, ensuring continuous improvement. ISO 14001 provides reassurance to employees and external stakeholders that a business takes its environmental responsibility seriously. 

ISO 45001

Keeping employees well at work, both mentally and physically, is essential to the productivity and profitability of a business. While it is a simple enough notion that a clean, safe working environment will result in better morale, there are aspects to occupational health, such as quality of equipment, availability of tools or inconspicuous hazards, that can easily be overlooked. 

ISO 45001 was developed by a committee of experts and combines global knowledge and data to provide a comprehensive guide to best business practices. Gaining this accreditation offers peace of mind that the necessary provisions are in place to optimise employee well-being. If the prospect of a happy team isn’t sufficient motivation to improve occupational health standards, consider the well-being of your bottom line. According to Public Health England, the total economic cost of sickness and absence is estimated to be over £100bn annually. ISO 45001 ensures companies are doing everything within their power to mitigate absenteeism, injury and promote good mental and physical health. 

In summary

MAR FM has been actively gaining accreditations since 1998 when we received our first certificate. Routinely, from 2010 onwards, we have held separate ISO accreditations in Quality Management (ISO 9001), Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001) and Environmental Management (ISO 45001). 

Although we can point to many years of accreditation success, we certainly don’t take it for granted. The framework developed through consistent auditing enables MAR to respond effectively and consistently, even in the face of recent challenges, such as COVID-19. 

The opportunity for continuous development and the delivery of high standards is ingrained into the fabric of MAR’s DNA. 

“Undergoing the ISO surveillance audit requires a lot of focus and coordination across all departments, however, having overseen it for several years, I am confident in its value to the business. It forces our team to take as step back, reflect and ask: “where are our opportunities to improve?”, “How can we serve our internal and external clients better?” and that is a practice every company should promote in order to achieve excellence.”


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