Tackling the Severe Bed Bug Infestation Among Office Workers in Central London and the Home Counties

MAR Facilities Management’s Proactive and Eco-friendly Solution

The exponential increase in bed bug infestations within central London has caused significant distress among office workers. Not only are they exposed to potential bed bugs while commuting in public places, but there is also a legitimate concern that their workplace may be infected. The presence of bed bugs in offices, though less prevalent due to footfall, still poses a heightened chance of exposure due to regular occupation of offices. This pressing issue necessitates a proactive and effective solution to alleviate the concerns of office workers and ensure their continued presence in the workplace.

MAR Facilities Management presents a workable solution that emphasises the urgency and seriousness of addressing this problem in a timely way and cost-effective way.

White Paper Overview:

01. Introduction

02. Background

03. MAR Facilities Management Solution: Eco-friendly Products, Integrated Pest Management (IPM),

04. Benefits of the MAR Facilities Management Solution: Complete eradication, Minimal downtime, Reputation preservation, Sustainability

05. Conclusion

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