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Building AOF2 – Chiller Replacement Project

MAR FM, through our subsidiary Sovereign FM, was recently awarded a commercial chiller replacement tender, for one of our clients based in the Aylesbury area. As the principal contractor, MAR was responsible for the design and management of the project, as well as ensuring health and safety regulations were adhered to at all times.

The site’s existing equipment was no longer in a serviceable condition and required upgrading to an efficient, environmentally friendly version, with an approximately 350kW rating. To provide the best possible results to the client, MAR engaged the services of several additional contractors, including a structural engineer, a water treatment specialist and a lifting company. Also involved were chiller installation experts Klimatec, who have supported MAR in numerous projects, over the course of many years.

There were several considerations when undertaking this project, the first of which was the rooftop location of the unit, creating a requirement for a crane to remove and replace the equipment. In addition to this, the building features an ‘inverted’ design, whereby the top of the structure protrudes beyond the footprint of the base and is predominantly glass-fronted. While these factors did not impact our ability to conduct the replacement, strategic and considered planning was required to avoid complications.

Once the old system had been disconnected and lifted from the roof, the steel support frame was adjusted, to accommodate the new chiller and anti-vibration mounts were added, to reduce noise pollution and vibration from the equipment. At this stage, the new system was ready to be connected to the power and chilled water supply. Due to the space restrictions and large armoured cabling, provisions for these connections were made before the replacement, allowing for an easier installation process. The final stage was to implement the building management software (BMS), allowing the new system to be remotely monitored, and ensuring effective and efficient operation.

The manufacturer (Daikin) attended the site to undertake the commissioning, allowing the warranty to be established. The result – a successfully completed project and an extremely satisfied client.

MAR FM provide expert support in capital plant and machinery replacement and maintenance, as well as a complete portfolio of facilities management services.

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