The Future of Urban Vertical Farms

Enhancing Workplace Engagement, Collaboration, and Mental Health through Green Spaces

This white paper explores the potential benefits of implementing urban farms, specifically the Square Mile Farming model, within the MAR facilities management offering.

The focus is on how these urban farms can provide green edible food for employees, foster an inviting co-working workspace for engagement and colleague collaboration, embrace green living walls in office spaces, and create a green workplace environment that supports the mental health of employees and visitors to the building.

To illustrate the viability of this approach, specific examples from the UK and London office environments will be discussed, highlighting how growing plants at work can benefit us all.

White Paper Overview:

01. Introduction

02. The Square Mile Farming Model

03. Green Edible Food for Employees

04. Fostering an Inviting Workspace for Engagement and Collaboration

05. Embracing Green Living Walls in Office Spaces

06. Creating a Green Workplace Environment

07. Specific Examples from the UK and London Office Environments

08. Conclusion

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