What type of staff training do you provide?

At operative level, our comprehensive training programme provides staff with the necessary skills to perform their duties to the highest standards. Our training programme starts from their first day in the business and continues on throughout their period of employment with us via a series of regular and on-going updates.

Unfortunately not. Our services are designed for commercial clients.

Ensuring that operational staff are on-site when they should be and receiving an early warning when there’s a potential absence issue, is a crucial element in successfully managing our contracts.

As part of our service commitment, we will always implement a system called ‘Ezi-Tracker’, which alerts our operations management team via text message or email, should a staff member fail to arrive to work within pre-defined time parameters and allows us to make alternative cover arrangements.

We have extensive experience of dealing with the TUPE staff transfer process and we are proud of our ability to successfully manage the needs of new employees. Our tried and tested approach means we professionally manage all transfers through careful planning, interviews and reassurance, ensuring that new employees feel welcome within the business from day one.

At operative and supervisory level, all staff are required to wear MAR branded uniform, the make-up of which varies depending upon their specific role. In addition, all staff are also provided with an identity badge, which is MAR branded and which incorporates their photo, staff name and number which they are required to have visible at all times.

We are passionate about doing everything possible to build a more environmentally secure future for current and future generations. For example, within our cleaning services operation, we use a range of products that use biodegradable materials and apply a strict chemical ingredients policy for environmental protection.