How do you manage your contracts?

A dedicated local Area Manager will be appointed to service your day-to-day operational requirements. This single one point of contact will be an experienced and highly trained individual. As a business, a key pillar of our service is built around restricting the number of clients/sites that our Area Managers are allocated, to ensure that they in-turn are able to manage in a proactive fashion and deliver the best possible service levels for our clients.

Invoices are sent electronically on a monthly basis and clearly itemise all charges. In most cases, this is via one consolidated invoice which makes budgeting and financial management easy for our clients.

Our pricing policy is completely open book, so you can see precisely what elements we’re charging for and exactly by how much – including our forecasted profit margins.

The majority of our services are self-delivered. However, on occasions we do use a select group of sub-contractors, all of whom must undertake an annual audit to confirm their adherence to our exacting operational standards.

We believe that innovation is a constant process but must be based on a genuine requirement and is not therefore ‘innovation for innovation’s sake’. As a business, we have an internal innovation group that meets monthly and comprises sales, marketing and operational staff. The group reviews equipment and processes and ensures that we stay ahead of the innovation curve.

We have an extensive portfolio of clients across a wide cross-section of industry types. Many of these have been MAR clients for a long period and are always willing to share their experiences with potential new customers.