Tackling the Severe Bed Bug Infestation Among Office Workers in Central London and the Home Counties

MAR Facilities Management’s Proactive and Eco-friendly Solution

The exponential increase in bed bug infestations within central London has caused significant distress among office workers. Not only are they exposed to potential bed bugs while commuting in public places, but there is also a legitimate concern that their workplace may be infected. The presence of bed bugs in offices, though less prevalent due to footfall, still poses a heightened chance of exposure due to regular occupation of offices. This pressing issue necessitates a proactive and effective solution to alleviate the concerns of office workers and ensure their continued presence in the workplace.

MAR Facilities Management presents a workable solution that emphasises the urgency and seriousness of addressing this problem in a timely way and cost-effective way.

White Paper Overview:

01. Introduction

02. Background

03. MAR Facilities Management Solution: Eco-friendly Products, Integrated Pest Management (IPM),

04. Benefits of the MAR Facilities Management Solution: Complete eradication, Minimal downtime, Reputation preservation, Sustainability

05. Conclusion

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As 2023 slowly heads towards the sunset and disappears over the horizon, it’s that traditional time in the calendar to step back and reflect upon the year that was.

For most individuals – from an economic and financial standpoint – that reflection will conclude that the past 12 months has undoubtedly continued to be a struggle.

Against this backdrop, the significance of the work being carried out by the Living Wage Foundation seems more important than ever. This white paper reflects upon those sterling efforts and explores how companies like MAR FM can really make a difference to people’s everyday lives.

White Paper Overview:

01. Introduction

02. Who are the Living Wage Foundation?: Accreditation, Intelligence, Influence

03. What’s in a name?

04. Why is the Real Living Wage important?: Addressing Wage Inequality, Promoting Social Mobility, Benefits for Businesses, Furthering a Just Society, A Happy Workforce, is a Motivated One, Recruitment & Retention, Stand Out From the Crowd, Reputation is Everything.

05. MAR at the Forefront

06. Conclusion

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Rethinking Facilities Management in the Post-Covid Era.

This white paper aims to shed light on the evolving role of facilities management (FM) in the context of both hard and soft service provision within office spaces. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent rise of hybrid working models, FM professionals are faced with new challenges that demand innovative solutions. This paper examines the changing landscape of FM and highlights how MAR Facilities Management is uniquely positioned to support organisations in navigating these challenges.

White Paper Overview:

1. Introduction

2. The Changing Landscape of Facilities Management: Impact on Hard Services Provision, Redefining Office Spaces, Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitisation and Optimising HVAC Systems

2.2 Impact on Soft Services Provision: Employee Well-being, Emotional and Social Support

3. MAR Facilities Management Solutions: Innovative Technological Solutions, IoT and Data Analytics and Contactless Solutions

3.2 Agile Workplace Design: Flexibility and Modularity, Activity-Based Workspaces

3.3 Employee Experience Enhancement: Well-being Programs, Employee Engagement Initiatives

4. Conclusion

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Unleashing Sustainable Opportunities in today’s ‘Built Environment’

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors have emerged as crucial pillars of success and long-term growth. This white paper serves as a comprehensive guide for MAR Facilities Management to understand why ESG credentials matter in both soft and hard FM services in the built environment. By leveraging these credentials, MAR can enhance its existing loyal customer base and attract new potential customers in a sustainable future.

White Paper Overview:


Why ESG Matters in Soft FM Services

Why ESG Matters in Hard FM Services

Supporting Existing Loyal Customers

Attracting New Potential Customers

Collaboration with Stakeholders


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How Covid and hybrid working have changed the game.

The pandemic has given society the breathing space to redesign what a workplace should offer and in the age of the invisible virus, the humble mop and bucket will not cut it.   

The mass experience of the recent pandemic has changed the way we all look at cleanliness and hygiene. Covid-19 redesigned the way we operate in large groups in public spaces, on transport, venues and workspaces. This virus did not discriminate: all environments had to adapt to government compliant mandates for safety. Offices, construction sites, retail, sports facilities, public venues, theatres, hotels and restaurants all experienced the impact of being starved from engagement from their usual end users.

In this white paper MAR FM discuss:

What did Covid-19 teach us?

Data & Analysis

The Tech

Three trends changing the contract cleaning market: technology, returning to the office and sustainability

Embracing technology & IOT

How technology impacts hybrid working

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This report covers MAR FM’s key ESG initiatives, highlights our recent progress and sets out our future business commitments.


Our ESG objectives have been established taking into account qualified market data from external reports, guidance from sustainability experts and steering from our senior management team.

This report aims to emphasise the importance of ESG to MAR FM and provide a transparent overview of where we are currently and where we are headed in the future. Our ESG reports are be published annually and are publicly available via our website and our social media accounts.

Our Approach

As a business, we fundamentally subscribe to and are passionate about the principle of building a fairer, more sustainable future for both current and future generations.

We have a long heritage of contributing to and maintaining a productive relationship with the communities we operate in, both through our initiatives and a focus on local recruitment.

In short, we strive to operate a socially conscious and values-led business. One which provides a supporting environment, in which our people can thrive, while simultaneously delivering a high-quality service to our clients.

MAR’s ESG framework has been developed to provide a focused and strategic approach to continuous improvement, allowing us to track our journey towards improved sustainability, impactful social action and stronger collaborative leadership.

A shared vision

MAR FM aligns its sustainability framework to ‘The Sustainable Development Goals’, set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly a collection of 17 interlinked global goals, designed to be a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future”.

MAR is specifically focusing on the goals outlined below:

Our 2023 Report

Our ESG framework consolidates our company’s values and aspirations into a focused and measurable set of commitments. The MAR FM Group is extremely proud of the dedication and contribution made by our employees, that has facilitated our significant progress thus
far, and enables us to confidently set ambitious aspirations for our future.